SWE's main mission is centered around outreach. It is the biggest part of our club! We hold events at least 3 times a quarter if not more!


Congratulations on winning the 2014 "Outstanding Program" at the collegiate level for the 2013 Y.E.S.! Program!
This makes the YES! Program a four-time award-winning event (3 times at the national level, and our first time at the regional level)


What is Outreach?

Outreach is about reaching out to younger girls (and boys) to encourage them to consider Engineering as their future career. We strive to set an example for young women especially, that engineering, although dominated by men, is a very fulfilling and achievable career. We often show this through different engineering projects that play on the girl's strengths and teach them about teamwork as well as the concepts behind engineering.


Previous Outreach:


A.C.C.E.S.S. (Advancing Community Colleges by Empowering STEM Students) is an event that helps community college students that are STEM majors, see what types of resources will be available at their university, how they can take advantage of those resources, and how to make the most of their time after transferring. The students will get to tour the various labs on campus, interact with other Cal Poly students, and get a chance to talk to a practicing scientist, mathematician, or engineer. Our very first event happened on February 21, 2014.

YES! Program

Youth Engineering Success Program, our biggest Outreach event of the year! We invited about 400 students to visit Cal Poly Pomona to learn more about the college and engineering. Most of the time is spent going through labs and doing hands on activities, while the rest of the time is a presentation regarding Information on both Engineering and the Cal Poly campus. Learn more about tuition, scholarships, and most importantly ENGINEERING! We have held three annual Programs each larger than the last and we hope to keep this tradition going and make next year's bigger and better!

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles: Imagine your future in STEM

High School girls can “Imagine their Future” in STEM-related fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We invited these girls to become engineers for a day and learn what it was like to be a woman in engineering. With various activities spanning several different disciplines in engineering, we hope to inspire the future generation of women to reach their full potential.

Chaffey College

SWE Cal Poly Pomona loves to support Chaffey College in their outreach events. We have constantly been called to participate in events hosted by Chaffey to represent SWE and help appeal to the girlsattending. Events include:
- She-4-Me (Attended for last 3 years)
- Celebrating Women in Math, Science, and Engineering (New)

Project Lead the Way

Working closely with the College of Engineering has given us the opportunity to attend Project Lead the Way which is a program designed to educate educators about incorporating engineering focused classed into the high school curriculum. We have been attending these workshops for the past three years and look forward to continuing our participation in this important event!

Girl Scout Bridge Day

Individual School Outreach

SWE loves to come talk to individual schools about engineering, whether it be a more intimate setting with about 15-20 kids or a whole auditorium full!

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